Open Period During Senior Year, Will it Look Bad?

I want to apply to Ivy League Schools/Stanford/MIT/etc. If I get an open period, will it look bad/hurt my chances for admission? My school recently switched to a block system, and I will have 8 classes now instead of 6.

Here’s my planned schedule:

AP Chemistry
Lab Extension for AP Chem
AP Statistics
AP Gov
AP Lit
Japanese 5 Honors
Student Aide
Ceramics 1

The only reason why I’m doing ceramics is to apply to UC Schools because I don’t have an art class. However, I’m not sure I would enjoy this class and there aren’t really many interesting options to fill that with. Having an open period would give me more time to write essays, do homework, etc. Also, if I were to get an open period, should I drop ceramics or Student Aide? Honestly, I probably won’t get much financial aid at Berkeley or UCLA.

Also, I have no interest or skill in art. Never liked art at all.

I don’t think anyone is ever going to count classes, review your schedule, or would consider your decision to skip one class. My kids had more free time Senior year than any other, and I honestly don’t think anyone cared (based on their schedules/EC’s/AP load). 4 AP and 1 honors…use the time to keep those grades high.

The main thing is are you taking all the core classes and you are. You will have a science, math, english and social studies plus a language. And several APs.

Drop the student aide if you need a fine arts credit. Or see if there is an online fine arts you can do - such as photography (our district allows web design as a fine art, but check with the college). Most regular art classes that have non-art focused students usually just require a good attitude and to do your best. You might be surprised and liked it. It will be a nice break from your otherwise very academic schedule.

Have you already taken Calc? Why AP Stats instead of Calc?

@bwaygirl1 I took calc AB and BC already. 5’s on both

I had an open block during both semesters of my senior year bc I really didn’t have any other good classes to take at my high school.

If “student aide” is an office aide, for example, wouldn’t this just give you an easy elective credit? I can’t see any value in this unless you are short of elective credits?

As far as ceramics, many students love this class and if you don’t…why waste your time ? Instead find something you really like for the art requirement if needed.
I am still pondering on the student aide thing…seems like free labor.

My D just went through this. She had to switch 1st period classes (no 0 period classes for her) and had to drop AP Comp Sci. So she had an open 6th period. Her choices were an open period, TA, Sports Leadership and African Drumming. I would definitely advise doing something that period that will show up on the transcript. Fortunately, my D loves sports and got into the Sports Leadership class.

My D had study hall ( empty period ) senior year because her Foreign language ( Latin AP ) was dropped from the curriculum ( so she only had three years of FL and had 6 classes senior year). She’s also an unhooked asian and is now a sophomore at Stanford (also got into all UC’s)-- as long as your grades/SATs/EC are strong, having an open period , in my opinion , is ok.

@Themathaw I’m a student aide for one of my favorite teachers. Basically, I help set up labs and help the students as well. I also have time to study and do college apps if I have free time.

Right now, my open period (in the morning) is mainly being used for extra rest (I come to school later). However, I anticipate using my open period to study more for AP Japanese (school only offers Japanese honors and AP Japanese is not technically part of the curriculum).