Opera and American Sign Language

<p>My Daughter would like to have a double major with Vocal Studies - Opera, and American Sign Language...most schools are not willing to entertain this idea? Any suggestions?</p>

<p>Cal State Northridge could be worth a look. They are the west coast center for deaf ed, they have a huge deaf student population. They have had some good voice teachers in the past, not sure how things are now, but it is worth a serious look. I have no idea about being a dual major there, but the ASL degree would be a subset of Deaf Studies. It is probably easier to double major with a BA in music rather than the BM, but both do require an audition. Go check it out. The other two centers for deaf education are Galludet U in Washington DC and Rochester Technical Institute for the Deaf. Neither of these would have Opera/voice.</p>

<p>NTID (National Technical Institute for the Deaf) in Rochester will not admit hearing students in their undergrad programs. Gallaudet does take a very, very few in a special program they have and also has an undergrad Interpreting Degree, but one must be very proficient in ASL for both. There is no way to tie in a good VP program in either place.
My advice would be to contact the Admissions Office at Cal State Northridge and talk to them so see if anything could be done to facilitate co-operation between the Mike Curb School ( their BM in Vocal Arts is not quite as intense as some conservatories & might have some flexibility) and the university's Deaf Studies Department, which does have an option for a self-directed major. It might take more than 4 years to complete, but it's certainly worth asking about.</p>

<p>Thank you so much Mezzo's mom and sopranomom92! She has the chance to study at Gallaudet in the summers and is considering that as an option...but of course would like to tailor her college career as she most wishes it to happen (who really doesn't want their own best case scenario...?!) She will check out Cal State Northridge!</p>

<p>mamawa, I don't have any advice, but your daughter's goal is intriguing to me and I hope you keep us posted on your progress in finding an institution that can accommodate her plans.</p>