Opera singer,please help!

1 am 19 years old and i am planning on becoming an opera singer.
I have been taking voice lessons since i was 7, and i just graduated highschool this year. I used to go to Mannes pre-college of music in Manhattan for 2 years.I applied to michigan and rutgers this year.
Because i didn't want to go to just a 'music school' or conservatories.
I have really bad grades, and both of the school told me that my gpa and sat score was way too low for them to accept me. They liked my singing and asked me to take classes during the summer and then apply again when my grades are better. So basically, i didn't get into any colleges. I can say that i am good singer.But i have horrible grades, my gpa is around 2.0 and i got V380 M420.Where can i apply to get in? What schools are willing to see my ability but not my grades? my dreams so big to become a musician but my grades are so bad its just terrible..</p>

<p>please help!</p>

<p>Consider community colleges. My older D had really low HS grades. She went to cc for 2 years and graduated as a phi betta kappa from SUNY after 2 more years.</p>

<p>Try posting this on the Musical Theatre forum. There are many knowledgeable people there, with experience in classical voice as well as MT. And community college is a great idea too.</p>

<p>It seems you could do better on the SAT--especially the verbal section.
Get a prep book, do the practice tests, figure out where you went wrong, then retake the real test. If you have a learning disability maybe you need more time for the test. </p>

<p>Can you audition for roles with opera companies without going to college? Even if you have great talent, you'll have to do academic work in college. Colleges won't admit students with very poor records/test scores because it seems unlikely that those students will be able to pass college level classes. </p>

<p>Examine the reasons for your bad grades/scores--do you struggle with the work? Unmotivated? Other problems? A community college might help you get back on track and improve your record.</p>