<p>Dear Friend,
I am virat Agrawal from India. I got admission in oklahoma state university in MS- design, housing & merchandising. (FALL 08)</p>

<pre><code> I also got admission in same deppt in eastern michigan university & university of rhode island.

          Now frns I need your help which course shud I join in which university and do you have knowledge about the job prospects of this field.

          At present, I am studying (only 3 -4 days before it started) in a B grade B-school in India, So please suggest me should I continue that one or shud I go to US for MS..???

           Thanx in advance........


<p>It depends where that degree from the B-school in India can take you. </p>

<p>And, out of those colleges, I would honestly pick OSU. Mainly because I'm not too knowledgeable about the other 2 and I know it's a solid school.</p>

<p>DONT go to Eastern Michigan University I live right by it and the school is a joke, no one takes it seriously, very poor academics, bad part of town, no social life</p>

<p>thank you very much...zetterber and greens....
actually I finalized OSU.....can u tell me about its reputation in USA???</p>

<p>Hi frnds...
Can u tell me is it a third toer or second tire university???
and hwz its reputation in US????</p>

<p>OSU is a Tier 3 school. I'm not from that region so I don't know anything about it, which leads me to say that maybe it doesn't have a strong national reputation.</p>

<p>URI is pretty decent. Not top notch, but pretty decent. If you want to continue living in RI after graduation then URI is the way to go. As for nationalr recognition... I'd probably say that OSU has more of it.</p>

<p>Thanx sarah...
I have finallized this university..
bcoz it has name ...in the US...
and thts d big matter....
And I am goin to design housing and merchandising...
and deppt..is pretty gud there....</p>

<p>Eastern Michigan is not a joke. You meet a bunch of people there who aren't living off of mom and dad's money, who work their way through college. You get great diversity there that you don't find at other schools. It's very focused on undergraduate education, and not research like many other schools. </p>

<p>Ypsilanti is a great town that gets a bad rep from snobs in Ann Arbor who are afraid of black people. Many area employers I have talked to prefer to recruit at EMU as opposed to UM because of how UM students feel they are overqualified and always looking to become high management in the company.</p>

<p>I would look at department specific rankings, personally I know nothing about design, housing & merchandising but look at rankings and placement statistics, you can find this on Google, on the program websites, etc.</p>