Opinion: Michigan State University or Wayne State University for Business

Hi, there. I am currently an early-college students and I will be applying two UMICH AA, MSU, and Wayne State. What is your opinion on MSU Broad College of Business vs Mike Illitch at Wayne State?

My goal is to graduate with NO student loan debt (Wayne state is cheaper), and Wayne State takes much more transfer credit from my current community college.

Are job prospects better at MSU or Wayne State, and by how much?

Wayne state sounds like a very attractive option to me…

What’s about Michigan? Your applying to all three. What’s the major? Michigan state if I’m not mistaken for business your readmitted to major after taking certain subjects and must attain a certain gpa. Have you spoken to a MSU admission recruiter? Both Michigan and Michigan state would be ranked higher but it depends on the total cost.

I don’t want to go to the University of Michigan because hardly any of my credits will transfer, and I don’t want to waste time re-taking classes. I would only go to UMICH (gritting my teeth) if I got a full-ride.

I would be majoring in accounting or finance.

I’ve spoken to a UMICH recruiter, but not a MSU recruiter.

Speak to MSU as I know you need to take a certain number of classes at MSU. I know finance you need to a minimum GPA for re-entry to major. Also, there is a credit limit before you can’t reapply (engineering is 56 but not sure about business). You’ll need all the info to decide.

Thanks for the info, ill find out.

You wouldn’t be retaking the classes - there’s a big difference between classes at UM and at a Michigan CC. You shouldn’t try to claim the credits BTW because they’d make you pay for more; rather apply for direct admit and start from scratch with your peers, networking and learning from professors who are tops in their field. UMich has full rides based on financial need but since an ACT 33 is average there, merit aid is hard to come by. For finance, Ross plays with Harvard and Stern. The return on investment is very high.
What did you learn from the recruiter?

Michigan State’s Broad, especially if you’re strong enough to get a big merit scholarship and thus get into the Honors College, is an attractive professional path. The Honors College and Business Honors offer excellent opportunities and resources in addition to well-respected degree.

Wayne State is a generic business school. The degree isn’t bad, but in terms of networking and opportunities, it’s more pedestrian. The state doesn’t invest as much as in the other two universities nd the Career Fair doesn’t attract all the same companies . You’d have to hustle a lot more - not impossible, but harder.

Ultimately, apply to all three, as well as to GVSU, and make a cost/ROI/value evaluation once you’ve received their reply.

Since it seems your ruling out Michigan then MSU is the next in line then Wayne State, my Alma Matar BTW… (back in the day).

MSU just being big ten will give you more opportunities and I agree with their honor college if it’s something you can get into. It’s really underrated.

But, if costs are a huge issue then go to Wayne. If your involved you can make your way at any school. Find out what clubs /activities have the best chances for internships etc.

If you get into Michigan Ross or MSU honors business I would not worry too much about graduating with a reasonable amount of debt. Unless the economy completely tanks (which is possible), you will be making $80+ in 3 or 4 years. MSU and UM have great job fairs with major companies looking to hire new employees starting at $60k and more. You must be willing to move out of state for many of these jobs.

Not sure about Wayne State other than your college experience will not be as rewarding as life on a big campus.