Opinion of station wagon Volvo V60

I’m considering buying a Volvo V60 and am interested in reviews/opinions of this car. I am looking specifically for a station wagon. Station wagons are not popular in the US, so my choices are limited. I do not like the Subarus or VWs, the Mercedes Benz model is too expensive, and I do not want an Audi. I love the way the V60 looks, but am wondering about reliability and whether people have enjoyed driving theirs.

I’m a big fan of Volvo wagons. We have owned several models over the years. Out of the 4 vehicles in my family (parents and our young adult kids) 3 are Volvos and 2 of those Volvos are V60s - a 2018 and a 2020.

They handle very well. Lots of zip.

You must live outside the northeast because Volvo wagons are very popular cars in this region. I have owned three wagons (an 850, a V70, and an XC70) and love them. We check Consumer Reports Car Buying Guide when we’re looking to avoid any bad model years.

DH drives a V60. We do not have the four wheel drive version…and we live in the northeast. He really likes the car. Before this, he had a Honda Accord that went to 250,000 miles. DH just wanted something more comfortable, with a smoother ride, and some zip. The V60 checked all his boxes.

He wanted a small wagon because he has a bicycle he tosses in the back every weekend.

Disclaimer…we do have a Subaru Outback which can be used in very snowy weather.

I’ll add to my post above, both the V60s in our family are V60CCs.