Opinion on FWS / Freshman Schedule Overall

<p>Hey there,</p>

<p>I am looking for some opinions about my schedule so far. Is it doable? Too much?</p>

<p>MATH 1920 - Multivariable Calc for Eng.
PHYS 1112 - Physics I - Mechanics
RUSS 2203 (Intermediate Russian) or French 1201 (Elementary Italian)
PE 1440 - Badminton
FWS - PHIL 1112 - Meaning of Life (from the Philosophy Department).</p>

<p>Also, anyone know anything about that particular FWS? It's either that or PHIL 1111 - the philosophy of time. </p>

<p>Any feedback helps! Thank you!</p>

<p>Where did you find the list of the writing seminars??</p>

<p>The official list isn’t up until the 9th, but a lot are up on schedulizer / Course Roster. Although I am not sure if all of them are up on schedulizer just yet. </p>

<p>Schedulizer: [Search</a> Classes - Cornell University - Schedulizer](<a href=“http://cornell.schedulizer.com/search/?department=&instructor=&number_relation=&number2=&credits_relation=&credits2=&course_name=FWS&call_number=&time=]Search”>http://cornell.schedulizer.com/search/?department=&instructor=&number_relation=&number2=&credits_relation=&credits2=&course_name=FWS&call_number=&time=)</p>

<li>French 1210 → Elementary French, sorry.</li>

<p>BUMP… 10char</p>

<p>Doable: definitely. A good plan? Depends on yourself and your goals. For example, if you plan on minoring in something and don’t have AP credits, you might consider taking more. </p>

<p>Language courses are rigorous (5 times a week for most) and have inconvenient exam times (weekends… -_-)</p>

<p>FWS’s don’t have fixed profs/lecturers and even between different semesters might have slightly different book lists. I would suggest taking a look at the booklists from the Cornell Store (when they come out - Books, listed by course) to see if those lists spark an interest.) As well, just a reminder, FWS is a lottery so you might not get those phil classes in particular</p>

<p>Thanks for the reply fallenmerc! I am in CAS right now, interested in math/physics (so far). I signed up for 1920 just to keep my options open for Engineering school (in case I wanted to transfer later on). Do you think I am on a right track so far?</p>

<p>Also, I know about the FWS lottery, but thanks for the reminder again!</p>

<p>Looks doable. Just be careful with the FWS and language course. Language classes can be very demanding, and your FWS instructor can make or break your grade (my first semester FWS required 10+ hrs/week, while my second semester FWS required <4 hrs/week…).</p>

<p>^ what was your 2nd sem FWS?</p>

<p>Well lets see…</p>

<p>Physics 1112 - good for engineering
math 1920 (assuming you’ve place out of 1910) - good for engineering
Russian - can be used to fulfill the liberal arts credits (2XXX courses will give you even more flexibility. of the 6 liberal arts courses, i think 4 of them have to be 2XXX or higher)
FWS - everyone does these
PE - everyone does these</p>

<p>So basically you’re an engineer lol. Usually you wouldn’t start liberal arts in your first semester and instead do the intro to engineering or java/matlab but eh… </p>

<p>Also, if you plan on graduating in four years, the latest “later on” you should apply for a transfer to engineering is DURING your second semester.</p>

<p>Mine was an FWS in the Sociology/STS section… it was easy because my instructor (who is no longer teaching) made it easy, not because the subject itself was easy.</p>