Opinions needed...Best NY schools for English

<p>I am currently a H.S. Jr. in the honors/humanities program & AP classes. I'm looking for NY colleges w/ strong English dept., I also want to minor in music. Any ideas/opinions apprecitated.</p>

<p>According to US News (FOR GRAD SCHOOL)
4. Columbia
7. Cornell
20. NYU
22. CUNY Grad School
41. Buffalo
52. Rochester
58. Binghampton
63. Syracuse
71. Fordham
71. Stony Brook</p>

<p>(i would assume undergraduate study of english at these schools would rank about the same?)</p>

<p>If you're really smart, try for those top 3 schools for sure</p>

<p>If you're looking for a smaller school for your undergrad, I would also consider Hamilton and Skidmore (possibly Colgate, too). I know a lot of people going to all three who are pursuing either English and/or Music. Good luck!</p>

<p>If you are considering a smaller public school Geneseo is an excellent choice. I know several former English majors who minored in music.</p>