opinions needed

<p>i am just curious --
i got a 2210 on the SATs
740 CR
710 Math
760 Writing</p>

<p>800 Math 2
720 in bio</p>

<p>Do you think my 800 in math subject test can outshine my 710 on the SATs?
I always regret that because of 4 ?s I hate my score for the SAT..
let me know if it's a good score (if not I'll try and retake it)
and if my math score can be decked up by that 800. thanks.</p>

<p>It depends on what colleges you are shooting for. For the top 20 or so schools, a 710 is not really impressive. I'm sure the college will see that you are capable in math through your SATII score; but I think you should retake the SAT if you think you really can do better. The CR + Math score is the most important part of the test and if you have a lot of room to improve the math. Good luck!</p>