Opinions of Missouri S&T???

<p>Hello Forum,
Do any of you have students at Missouri S&T or are a current student at MS&T? I'd like to hear your opinions about academic work load, professors, dorms, food, weather, Rolla, MO and any other tidbits of info you'd like to share.</p>

<p>Son is a sophomore and overall really likes the school. The classes are generally challenging and overall he feels that the teaching has been good. They do have a number of big lecture classes but they usually break down into smaller groups at least once or twice a week which helps those that need more attention. He lives in Residential college which is a suite style dorm and is fairly new. The campus is relatively compact and easy to find your wsy around. The food is ok, not a ton of choice but he always finds something. There are your typical fast food places nearby like Subway, Jimmy Johns, Panera etc. It is a very male dominated campus. Rolla is a small town but has a variety of restaurants, stores etc. the weather is hot in the summer and gets pretty cold with some snow in the winter.</p>

<p>Thanks adamom! Is your son going to do a co-op? If so, are there many employers to choose from? What is school spirit like? </p>

<p>Also, is there much to do in Rolla entertainment-wise?</p>

<p>Anyone else wants to give their opinion on MO S&T?</p>