Opinions on directional dorms on South Campus

<p>Hey guys! Next year, I'm rooming with a Robertson and we'll most likely be living in ehaus south. Any opinions or experiences with this dorm? Is it much quiter than the other South campus dorms? I really like to balance work and play and definitely want to go out and have fun next year and meet alot of people. Is this too much of a "nerdier" dorm for lack of a better term? lol</p>


<p>wait how do you know you are going to live in ehaus south? You might get put into just ehringhaus</p>

<p>I think honor students get preference over regular students when it comes to dorms therefore getting the directional dorms</p>

<p>yeah...my roomies a robertson and im a pogue...we'll get the newer dorms in our first choice community.</p>

<p>How do they know you are a scholarship and/or honors student. We didn't see anywhere to indicate on either the housing or honors form.</p>

<p>I believe there is a separate form for honor students. I'm not sure if honor kids get their 1st choice community considering seniors and juniors get first pick over freshmen, but I know they get first pick over regular freshman students.</p>

<p>Yes, there is a form for the honors students. I guess my question should have been how do they know you are a Robertson Scholar?</p>

<p>ehringhaus is where i always went to party :)</p>

<p>i think it's a good mix, though. slightly loud on weekends (maybe just the floor i went to?), but i can imagine its quiet on weekdays. TONS of honors/scholarship kids.</p>

<p>How does Ehau compare to Morrison and Craige?</p>

<p>Can anyone answer my original question? lol</p>

<p>thanks fromdistantstar...you're helpful! :-P</p>

<p>On South Campus, there are basically eight dorms...four of which were built in the early 1960s and shaped like an 'X', and four of which are less than 5 years old and shaped like an 'L'.</p>

<p>Morrison and Craige are two of the older 'X' shaped dorms. Morrison is VERY nice due to remodel. Craige and the other two 'X' shaped dorms, Ehringhaus and Hinton James (HoJo) are reportedly, not that nice. But people who live there insist the social atmosphere and friendships are worth more than the lacking amenities.</p>

<p>Ehringhaus South (GOB's dorm), Craige North (my d's dorm), Horton and Hardin are the newer 'L' shaped dorms. They are very nice, with modern amenities. My d says her dorm is very social too...that everyone keeps their doors open, etc... </p>

<p>Just thought I'd put this out there, so there is no confusion between Ehringhaus (X) and Ehringhaus South (L)...and Craige (X) and Craige North (L). :) Not forgetting those 'directions' is crucial on your housing request form (and later when parents send packages to their students....hoooboy...can I attest to THAT one... ;) )</p>

<p>(Sorry GOB...for interjecting in your thread. Now someone answer Get's question!)</p>

<p>In terms of your original question, it is true that a directional dorm may have a relatively high percentage of honors/scholarship students, who may generally be more studious than the general student population. On the other hand, it may well house a significant number of athletes, and will have a wide variety of upper classs students. Whether it is relatively quieter than other dorms will very much depend on the mix of all of the above and their individual personalities.</p>

<p>tyr has a good point.</p>

<p>My S lived in Morrison South for two years and its personality changed dramatically the second year. Freshman year it was relatively quiet. The mix was a number of upperclass students, some athletes and honors students, Moreheads, Robertsons...they had one incident of someone setting off a fire alarm in the middle of the night and the prevailing attitude was that the residents were angry because "that does not happen here..." He never had to leave the dorm to study.</p>

<p>Sophomore year many of the upperclassmen moved out or graduated and a group of female students he described as loud, who NEVER closed their doors and felt the need to socialize in the hallways moved in. That year he spent most of his study time at the library. His roommate of two years moved out to the frat house mid year and had it not been for his finals schedule he would have too. He could not wait to get out. </p>

<p>No dorm will be perfect, nor will all roommate situations be perfect especially if you have never lived that closely with someone (related or not) but college is all about growing, and experiencing new things. If a situation becomes untenable, there are steps one can take to remedy things.</p>

<p>To add on to eadad, from what I've heard from my brother and other people at Chapel Hill confirms this sort of thing happening. The reputation of a dorm doesn't necessarily match up with how it is year to year. They change every year. Like next year, for instance, everyone requesting to be with an Honors roommate will be in Cobb, whereas this year most of them were in the directional South Campus dorms. And places like Old West now have a fresh crop of freshmen. When my brother was there last year, he was a sophomore, which was almost unheard of.</p>

<p>Morrison will probably be pretty quiet because it will have more upperclassmen in it. That's the limit of my knowledge!</p>

<p>cloying - </p>

<p>Question....are you saying if an honors student requests an honors roommate and has as their first choice dorm a South campus directional, they will still end up in Cobb? Curious because my d is trying to figure out whether to stay on South or not. She would stay in her current dorm (Craige North) if there were a good mix of upperclassmen and freshmen and a good mix of honors and nonhonors. But she doesn't want to be the lone ranger anywhere. And she's torn because a couple of friends are moving to North campus and a few are staying in Craige North.</p>


<p>Tell her to be careful. Since they have shuffled things regarding the process around and based on pecking order, sophomores are last on the list for requests. For example, when my S was planning housing for sophomore year, those who stayed in the same room and same dorm all got their wishes. Those who requested other rooms or dorms fell down the list because seniors, juniors and incoming freshman had priority for "open" rooms. Many sophs ended up in dorms far from their first choices.</p>

<p>Make sure she checks with housing to see if this is still the case.</p>

<p>^Thanks so much eadad - that was exactly my MAIN worry. 'Bird in the hand' thing.... ;) I texted her not to make any changes until we talk. She is hibernating in the library studying for exams....so I hope that doesn't mean I'm getting a 1 a.m. phone call about this...lol!</p>

According to what I was told by a director in the honors program, the Cobb dorm is just a "first come/first serve" type option that they are giving honors students this year. There was a honor housing form with my d's honors packet that had to be returned only if they were interested in this option. To be able to take advantage of this offer they had to have another honors student as a roommate, either a selected honors roomate or potluck honors. All other honors students will go through the regular housing process; (if they put down south campus dorms, that's where they'll be.) My d had promised a friend (who did not get into honors) months ago that they would room together so she did not go for the Cobb dorm offer. After taking your advice (from another thread) and going back to Chapel Hill to check out things more, we both agreed with you that Cobb does seem to be somewhat isolated and dark at night. According to the Honors lady I spoke to, there are limited rooms available for honors kids in Cobb and this option was never meant to group all of the honors kids together;Just give the honors kids who were interested, a way to be involved in a learning community their freshman year. From people in housing and from honors I got the same line, that they do not believe in homogenous type housing, and that there will be a mix of students in all dorms. Even in Cobb the honors kids will be mixed among the other students, not just be an honors hall. Personally, I do hope that there is some advantage for my d being honors and Carolina scholar so that hopefully she will be in the newer dorms, with a lot of other serious students like your d has had this year, but no one will come right out and say that. I guess I have to trust that we've made the best decision for my d and hope for the best as she and her friend put down E-haus and Craig communities as their
1st and 2nd choice. She would be very unhappy to find herself in the middle of freshman "party central"! Best wishes.</p>

<p>I was on the Dean's list last semester and I feel like I have a fair understanding of student life at UNC. Honestly, I live in Ehringhuas which is one of the wildest dorms on campus and if things do ever get out of hand, it stops immediately upon request. Most importantly, your child is in college and it's time to realize that every dorm has partying, even the honors halls.</p>

<p>Thanks uncwife - that definitely clarifies things. Between your info and eadad's advice, I think it's better for ldgirl to remain in Craige North. She'll likely opt for off-campus or North campus junior year anyway.</p>

<p>Btw...I didn't find Cobb that isolated. I know other posters had those concerns; but when there last fall, we found that area was pretty busy with foot traffic. I guess we just find the whole UNC Campus, including Cobb and South, to be very intimate and 'cozy'...after all, we are comparing it to UT-Austin and Texas A&M which are sprawling and unwieldy places to be...lol!</p>