Opinions on Low Rise Dorms in Southwest

<p>I got accepted as a freshman for next fall and I know I definitely want to live in a low-rise in Southwest. I just need opinions on which ones are the best. Like location, if they party a lot in it, dorms in general. Also I'm from NJ and I've heard most of the Massachusetts students just stick together and don't talk to people from other states so I'd want a dorm that's mostly out of state or mixed. I'm pretty sure I was a "z" shaped room and I was looking mostly into: Thoreau
Prince </p>

<p>If anyone has any input in these dorms, let me know!</p>

<p>I heard, and not sure if anyone else can vouch, that they are going to move all freshmen out of most of Southwest altogether, so your options may be limited. Low-rises are better since there are more rooms on each floor so it's better to socialize. </p>

<p>People in general tend to stick together so it's not because of the state you're from. If you are social, and don't rub anyone the wrong way, you should fare well.</p>

<p>That's just a rumor, I've talked to people from the admissions office. & There's no way they can have all 5,000 or so freshman the other dorm areas. I just want opinions on the different low-rises.</p>

<p>There going to have freshman raps in southwest so it's just a rumor</p>