Opinions on MyMaxScore program???

<p>My daughter's school is offering a one-year subscription to SAT</a> & ACT Online Software - Online Prep Course | MyMaxScore.com for $70. It will include access to both ACT and SAT for one price (if you purchase the program online, it would cost $500 to get both programs). We did the one-day free trial, but it wasn't enough of a commitment to know how intuitive the program will actually be.</p>

<p>Does anyone have any experience using this program? I'd love any feedback anyone can provide on the program itself and whether it would be a good fit for an above-average student. I'd hate to make the investment and learn that it's either a bad program or that it's intended more for average or below-average students. I need to turn in payment this week and I'd like all the feedback I can get before I make a decision. </p>


<p>In case it helps with your feedback in determining if this program is a good fit for my daughter, here is a little background on her:</p>

<p>She just started her sophomore year. She is taking AP Language, AP Euro, Advanced Honors Algebra II, Honors Chemistry, Honors Latin II, Art, and the second course in a 4-year biomedical science program. She took APWH as a freshman and passed the test. She took the ACT this past February (she was in 9th grade) and scored a 27 composite (31 English, 26 Math, 27 Reading, 25 Science). She reviewed a little with Princeton Review and the The Real ACT, but she didn't actually "study" or take any practice tests. She also took the PSAT last year (9th grade) and got a 167. She did not prepare at all for the PSAT and was very sick when she took it. She knew she wasn't focused that day and expects a much better score on that test this year, even if she doesn't prepare at all.</p>