Opinions on Rollins College?

Hey! I’m currently a high school senior and I was recently accepted to Rollins college with a very generous scholarship and financial aid package. I’ve done some research on the school but there are still some questions I’d love to have answered. When I first started my college search process I wanted to go to a big school since I wasn’t a fan of my small, 90 graduating seniors, class. Although, from what I’ve heard there can be some big disadvantages to a large university since some classes will have 300-400 students in them making it hard to learn in the class or seek assistance from the professors. I started to look at Rollins because I found the campus very pretty and I had heard they have a decent business program. What I want to make sure is Rollins a fun, social school? Obviously partying isn’t my first priority but I want to make sure that the campus doesn’t get dry and that there are plenty of things to do. Also, do they have good greek life? I’ve done well in high school (4.2 GPA, 1200 SAT), and I continue to maintain good grades in college, I just want to make sure I get a lot of the social, fun aspect that I feel I missed out on in high school. Any response is appreciated. Thanks!

Also, I haven’t visited the campus yet so any notes you can give to help with my decision would be great.

We are revisiting Rollins College this Saturday. Our daughter is a serious student and Rollins is known to be a party school. I just got off the phone with a sophomore there and he loves the small class sizes and that the professors are eager to help out students who care and work hard. Yes, it is pretty and the food and dorms are very nice plus the local area is nice to walk around and pretty safe.

I went to undergrad at Rollins (decades ago). It was a very fun school AND there are plenty of smart and involved professors and students there. I was part of the greek system while there, but I think the frats may be on a temporary suspension right now, so I would ask about that if that interests you. There are plenty of other great organizations to get involved in. ROC (Rollins Outdoor Club) is awesome and plans great activities and trips. Student Gov’t was fun and I met some great friends there. I loved the small classes and had professors that would invite us over and feed us. I am still in touch with a huge number of Rollins friends and always look forward to getting together with them or going back to campus. I went to grad school a few years after at UNC, but have nothing but great things to say about both schools. I have had a fantastic career and my education was well worth it. Good luck to you!