opinions on these schools

<p>Has anyone attended or know anything about the visual arts programs at these schools:</p>

<p>U Mass Dartmouth
SUNY Purchase
Maine College of Art</p>

<p>I don't hear much about them.</p>

<p>NewtonArtMom, </p>

<p>My daughter heard alot about Umass Dartmouth's art programs at college fairs - including a fair held one day at Massart's summer studios pre-college program. At one time she was interested in textile design and they have a well recognized program there for textile design and textile science.</p>

<p>Additionally, this school was of interest because we live in NH and its part of the NE regional tuition program for state colleges.
My daughter spoke to a painting instructor at portfolio day from Umass Dartmouth who offered wonderful feedback and encouragement. He also provided a waiver so that she did not need to submit her slides with her application - which was a wonderful ego boost.</p>

<p>They have a foundation year for freshmen like most of the stand alone art programs do. They offer BFAs in visual design ( graphic design
illustration, typography, etc) Fine Arts - (drawing, painting, sculpture) and artisantry ( ceramics, fibers, jewelry/metals) </p>

<p>The admissions staff that we've had contact with is very helpful and accomodating. </p>

<p>My daughter felt strongly that she wanted to attend college in the city - which was a major reason she decided against attending the school.</p>


<p>That's interesting. I wonder why we don't hear much about that school? I guess the location is a major drawback.
My d is only in 9th grade right now but she seems to be headed in the direction of visual arts. She's taking a Saturday class at MassArt. </p>

<p>You sound like you live in New England. Did your daughter go to any pre-college programs? Which one?</p>

<p>NewtonArtMom - yes we live in NH. My D attended summer studios at Massart last summer when she was entering her senior year of high school. She stayed in the dorms for teh 4 weeks and loved the program. She has previously taken Saturday classes at Massart also.
The summer entering junior year she attended the school of fashion design's high school prep program (you may have seen my post under pre-college programs there )</p>

<p>do a web search "fabric program art school"</p>