Opinions on transfering to UF?

<p>So I'm a Florida resident but I'll be a freshman at Indiana University this year. I was denied admission to UF for freshman year, probably due to a low high school GPA (3.1 unweighted, 3.7 weighted), even though I'm a legacy and my standardized test scores were pretty good (2190 SAT, 35 ACT).</p>

<p>I originally thought I wanted to get away from Florida, hence going to Indiana, but I'm reconsidering because of the tuition my parents are having to pay. Although they assure me they can afford it, the cost of a semester for an out-of-state student is like $20,000, and I received no financial aid at all.</p>

<p>However I'm also currently enrolled in Indiana's business school, which I believe was ranked 10th or so for undergraduate last year. The problem is I really don't know if business is what I want to do, and $160,000 is a lot for a BA in business from a school like IU.</p>

<p>So I guess my question is do I have a better chance of getting in if I transfer? And does anyone know what in-state tuition would cost for 3 years at Florida (without bright futures)? Would it be a wise decision to start in a new place as a sophomore? Sorry my questions are so scattered, I just don't really know what to do and I don't want to regret my undergrad experience.</p>

<p>Regardless of the fact that you are a Florida resident transferring from an out of state university is hard. You would need to make at least a 3.5 gpa and complete all prereqs before applying including having 60 credits. Although I believe certain business programs will take all who meet certain gpa and prereq requirements. Uf also does not let you change majors once accepted so you need to be sure of your major. Because you can not transfer without a minimum of 60 credits and all prereqs done you would probably transfer in as a junior. Not including room and board books etc, tuition not including any increases or bright futures would be anywhere from 5000-6500 a year depending on how many credits and what exactly you take.</p>

<p>I can answer the tuition part: Next year (2012-2013) I think UF will switch to block tuition where you will always be paying for 15 credits per semester even if you take 12 a semester (and I think even if you take 17 credits you will still only pay for 15 credits, thus saving money....I think). So this year, incoming freshman pay $188.55 per credit hour, and that will most likely go up next year (just to give you an estimate). </p>

<p>Therefore ~*$190<a href="per%20credit%20hour">/b</a> X **15 credits<a href="per%20semester">/b</a> X **2 semesters<a href="per%20year">/b</a> X **2 years<a href="since%20according%20to%20the%20guy%20above,%20you%20must%20have%20%3E60%20credits%20to%20transfer">/b</a> = *$11,400 for two years <a href="to%20show%20you%20my%20math%20if%20it%20helps%20to%20show%20where%20I%20coming%20from....">/b</a></p>

<p>I hope this helps. Sorry that I don't know much about the transfer admission process.</p>

<p>But personally I would try to transfer to UF, mainly because of the financial reason (since I have to consider that I'm paying for everything myself, so money is a big issue to me). Even if your parents can pay for it though, money is money...and $20,000 a semester is a lot of money.</p>

<p>Maybe after some undergrad experience, your decision will be more concrete for what you can/can't or want/won't do..</p>

<p>Tony, you are right in your assumption. No matter how many credits you take you'll be paying for 15, meaning you'll be saving money if you take 17. UF claims this is an incentive to get students graduating early (on time) but some students don't like it. Either way, it's going to be implemented next year.</p>

<p>Sorry Jollobrah I can't help you with your question, but if it were me I would definitely look into transferring.</p>