<p>Do you think colleges should have a range for GPAs like they do for ACTs and SATs.
so 25% had below 3.5, and 25% had above a 4.0.</p>

<p>They do. It's not about the hard numbers - it's about the whole package.</p>

<p>They definitely do. Agreed with drbigboyjoe. Theyre called "Admit Stats"</p>

<p>PS, on the 4.0 scale, its impossible to have above a 4.0.. and if you are referring to the weighted scale, a 3.5 is not that good.</p>

<p>I was referring to the unwieghted buddy, and where is this ?Also thatguy100, it was just an example, I already knew that.</p>

<p>Then my point still stands that you cant have higher than a 4.0.... Example or not, at least use plausible ideas, buddy.</p>

<p>Will do if it makes you feel better.;)</p>

<p>That would make me feel simply amazing. Thank you</p>

<p>No problem:)</p>