opt out of trig final?

so I’m a sophomore and I have a 101% in trig right now. If i don’t take the final at all, and get a zero, I will still have an A in the class. but it will be an A- instead of an A+, and I heard that there isn’t a difference in the transcript/college app. advice??

This is wrong. There is a difference between an A and A- so please take the final.

Just take it anyway - if you have a 101% in the class, it shouldn’t take any effort to score, say, a 50%.

@dblazer actually it depends on the school, for example at my school we don’t have pluses or minuses at all so they obviously don’t go on our transcripts
But still, just take the final

I agree with MITer94. What do you have to lose by taking the exam? Even if you walk in cold, without studying, you’ll have at least that A-.

And you may end up wanting a recommendation from that math teacher-- taking an exam you didn’t “have” to take gives him something to say about your character and dedication, in addition to what he can say about your grades.