Optimize Schedule -- What to do?

<p>Three semesters, here are the classes: (I'm a Junior applying as a Freshman next year)</p>

<p>Spring 12:
MATH 160 (calc. 2)
PHYS 121
ACCT 230 (financial)
ECON 102 (macro)</p>

<p>Fall 12:
MATH 200 (multivariable)
PHYS 122
CHEM 101 (first chemistry course; have no interest/doing it to be well-rounded)
ECON 101 (micro)</p>

<p>Spring 13:
MATH 210 (linear alg.)
PHYS 123
ACCT 240 (managerial)
MATH 117 (stats)</p>

<p>Do any of these classes seem unnecessary? Please Comment.</p>

<p>These are all one-semester college courses taken at my local CC, Santa Barbara City College. I'm done with all my requirements as of now (Fall 11) except for the three years of language (hence the three years of portuguese > 103, 104, 105). I've already taken around 9 classes at this college but this is my plan for the next three semesters before I go to a 4-year. I'm thinking of going into quantitative analysis so I need math, physics, computer science, and finance/economy/accounting.</p>

<p>Also, I'm not sure what schools I should apply to so if you have any ideas let me know! However, I was thinking along the lines of MIT, CM, Penn, UCB</p>

<p>P.S. I would normally take a couple classes during Summer but I want to leave next Summer open for a potential internship at UCSB.</p>

<p>Where's the quality feedback?</p>


<p>What's PORT?</p>

<p>Portuguese 103, 104, 105</p>

<p>In many semester schools like Berkeley, linear algebra is combined with differential equations. If these are separate courses, take both so that you won't have to partially repeat the course to get the "other half". I.e. you may want to take SBCC Math 220 if you take SBCC Math 210.</p>

<p>See Welcome</a> to ASSIST to check the transferability of SBCC courses to UC and CSU.</p>

<p>For example, here SBCC equivalents to Berkeley lower division math courses:
ASSIST</a> Report: SBCC 11-12 UCB Articulation Agreement by Department</p>

<p>The Berkeley economics and business majors require a statistics course that SBCC Math 117 is not equivalent to:
ASSIST</a> Report: SBCC 11-12 UCB Articulation Agreement by Department</p>

<p>If you are already taking physics for breadth, then you may want to take biology instead of chemistry for more breadth, since Berkeley Letters and Science and perhaps some other schools require both physical science and biological science for breadth. (However, MIT requires all three of physics, chemistry, and biology for all students.)</p>

<p>You may want to include SBCC Business 101 if you are interested in finance.</p>

<p>This is all great advice. I just read something like what you said about taking diff equations so I'm going to try to fit in an extra math course this coming Summer. I know I won't be able to satisfy all the STATS requirements but at least I'll get the intro one over with. I've already taken BIO 100 so I'm alright on Biology. I should have mentioned that above. That's why I'm thinking of Chemistry.</p>

<p>Very insightful, thank you. Still interested in hearing more!!</p>

<p>Have you taken English composition courses of the type typically used to fulfill English writing requirements (e.g. SBCC English 110 and 111), or do you have a 5 on AP English Literature?</p>

<p>If you have already taken biology and will be taking physics, it is unlikely that taking chemistry will be very helpful, except for at the few schools where it is actually a degree requirement for everyone. You may want to consider courses which can fulfill other breadth requirements at your target schools. For example, if you are considering Berkeley Letters and Science (where the majors in Economics, Math, Statistics, and Operations Research and Management are), consider the following list:
ASSIST</a> Report: SBCC 11-12 UCB GE/Breadth Articulation Agreement</p>

<p>Regarding math and statistics, if you need to drop SBCC Math 117 to make room for SBCC Math 220, do it. SBCC Math 117 is less likely to be useful than SBCC Math 220 for any math or statistics using major including economics; such majors often require a higher level introductory statistics course that does not have any other statistics course as a prerequisite.</p>

<p>Berkeley's ORMS and IEOR majors may be of interest to you if you want to do quantitative work:
Undergrad</a> Academic Programs</p>

<p>Prerequisite courses that can be taken at SBCC are listed here:
ASSIST</a> Report: SBCC 11-12 UCB Articulation Agreement by Major
ASSIST</a> Report: SBCC 11-12 UCB Articulation Agreement by Major</p>

<p>Other majors that may be of interest include Economics, Math, Statistics, and Computer Science:
ASSIST</a> Report: SBCC 11-12 UCB Articulation Agreement by Major
ASSIST</a> Report: SBCC 11-12 UCB Articulation Agreement by Major
ASSIST</a> Report: SBCC 11-12 UCB Articulation Agreement by Major
ASSIST</a> Report: SBCC 11-12 UCB Articulation Agreement by Major</p>

<p>The Business Administration major at Berkeley is much less mathematical than any of the above majors. Its prerequisites are here:
ASSIST</a> Report: SBCC 11-12 UCB Articulation Agreement by Major</p>

<p>Wow! That's a lot to consider. Thanks so much!!</p>

<p>I have already taken both English 110 and 111 but even with these two I'm short on one English course (i.e. I've done 3/4 years' worth of english). I'll probably have to take an online course somewhere since I don't want to take up a spot with a retarded english course I don't care about. BTW, I have a 4.7 weighted academic GPA right now. Would bumping that up to a 4.8 by avoiding all non-AP online courses be a huge plus? I wouldn't think so but I don't know for sure.</p>

<p>I'm having a hard time deciding whether MATH 117 and CHEM 101 are good choices. The Chemistry teacher is excellent but even then I doubt it's worth my time in terms of content. I'm not sure what to do about MATH 117 now that you've told me that haha. Maybe I'll just replace it for some other class such as Discreet Math or something. I always try to skip intro classes if I can so that's great to know. I will definitely follow your advise with respect to MATH 220 though. I think I can take one extra math course this Summer if they have a night class but otherwise I will throw something else out in order to take 220.</p>

<p>I know assist.org is only available to compare with UCs but UCB is not really my first choice I don't think. Either way, after looking through the GE for UCB, I saw they require a 102 level course in a language. Portuguese is not one of these. Do you think I would still fulfill the langage requirement for most universities with what I'm taking in Port. though?</p>

<p>Also, a bit off-topic but, do you think there might be a chance a university might view all of the college classes I've taken as annoying and thus find me less desirable? It's a little out there but I have my doubts, especially applying as a freshman.</p>

<p>How do you like UCB? Did they let you declare your major during your Freshman year or not? If not, how was that??</p>

<p>Regarding college courses for UC's English admission requirement, you may want to see:
University</a> of California - A-G courses</p>



<p>Ask UC for more clarification if you need it.</p>

<p>For Portuguese, ask the Portuguese departments at SBCC and the UCs are you are interested in. Another option is to take an intermediate level Spanish course, which you may be able to do after several courses in Portuguese, due to the similarities between the language.</p>

<p>That quote doesn't make any sense to me. And I am fluent in Spanish, it is my first language.</p>

<p>Ask UC for more clarification on the English courses.</p>

<p>Since you are fluent in Spanish, the easy way to fulfill UC's foreign language requirement is to take the AP Spanish test and get a 5 (3 or better is accepted), and take the SAT Subject Spanish test and get an 800 (520 or better is accepted). See the link in post 12.</p>

<p>Awesome, I just took the Spanish With Listening last Saturday so that should do it. Thanks for all the help! Really, really appreciate it!</p>