"optional" 2nd essay

<p>hey i know they say "optional" 2nd essay but does it look bad if you dont include one? for reg decision. and also can you just send the common app off the common app website or do you have to fill it back out on tufts website?</p>

<p>Tufts is one of those schools for whom "demonstrated interest" plays significantly in their acceptance decision. Sooooooooooooo... I'd say if you want to increase your chances of admission, you would absolutely submit as much material as possible. Shows you take your application to Tufts seriously enough to put in some extra effort.</p>

<p>As for common application: I don't think it matters if sent in from the common app website or Tufts' as long as its submitted on time.</p>


<p>From personal experience two years ago, I did not write an optional essay and here I am at Tufts. After spending some time in the Admissions Office, I can one thing for certain, admissions officers get tired and frustrated after seeing the same points repeated time and time again. As result, if you are going to write an optional essay, make it unique and something that truly represents you as a student and as an individual.</p>