Optional AP Score???

I bombed my AP Environmental Science Test. Is sending the test score to schools optional? or are they automatically sent? Does it differ depending on what HS I attend? I really don’t want my test score to be sent to anyone, but someone told me that there isn’t a choice in the matter. thanks

<p>Unless you marked the college name on your AP booklet, no scores will be sent automatically. You can also cancel an AP score, or ask not to include a particular score in your report (although it costs $5 per report). If the score is less then 3, it will probably be a good idea to cancel it.</p>

<p>You always have choice in the matter. You do not have to send the AP scores at all during the admission process.<br>
You only need to send them once you are accepted if you are looking for credit in the course. even then, if you are willing to pay a few extra dollars you can pick and choose the ones you want to send</p>

<p>Wait, you can erase the fact that you ever took the test? I did very poorly on my APUSH exam but was told by my guidance counselor that my high school always includes AP test scores on transcripts. Is there a way, now, to cancel an AP score so that my high school can never even get it to put on my transcript?</p>