Optional Covid essay

I watched one of the recent videos where 2 reps talked about the optional Covid essay and Jeff highlighted the comment by the University of Chicago rep because he said unless you have something very important to convey, skip that essay. Not everyone seems to agree with that sentiment and we’re hearing mixed messages. My daughter isn’t sure if she should write it since she was of course affected, but not in an earth shattering way. Should they write about how they handled the changes or just skip that essay if there wasn’t a very significant thing that happened in their family?

If you read the prompt on it’s face, it’s not suppose to be an “essay.” I think it’s really for people who were truly impacted, lost a job etc.

I would NOT fill that space without a compelling reason. Admissions officers have enough to read as it is. How many thousands of dull and whiny explanations will they read from students saying that they couldn’t concentrate due to having to use Zoom, or whatever, and that’s why they got a C.

To each his own, but no, I would advise against using it, barring very compelling reasons.

If you lost an immediate family member to covid, that’s the place to write about how their sudden passing influenced you. Otherwise, recognize that everyone’s life changed and was impacted in various ways. Using that space to make excuses or complain about how you “could have won an award” or “didn’t get to go to state” is not going to reflect well.

I certainly agree that it shouldn’t be whiny or to complain and wasn’t implying to use the space as such. But college counselors have recommended using that space to say how you used the time in a productive way when everything was cancelled. I was questioning if that is wise or better to leave it blank.

I would only answer the covid question in cases of hardship.

The activities the student has done during covid should go in the activities section, or possibly the additional info section.