Optional Interview - Helpful or not?

<p>I am an international applying to Cornell (RD) for Architecture. I contacted the admissions office and I was told that though an interview is suggested but its not necessary. So is it helpful to request for an interview? Does meeting an alumni help one's chances? On the other hand can it be a negative in case it doesn't go too well?</p>

<p>Please share your personal experiences if any :) Thanks in advance</p>

<p>As someone who has looked into being an alumni interviewer (but decided I don't have enough time), it seems that it can only help your chances. The interviews are basically a time to "sell" Cornell to you and let you ask questions. Regarding chances, the interviewer comments can only serve to enhance their impression. Overall, the interview is fairly meaningless, though since they're not evaluative in nature and each candidate only gets a short write-up. The only time I'd say it can make an appreciable difference is if you forgot something potentially important on your application, that your interviewer can then report to admissions. That said, to make a good impression, and get that very slight nudge, I'd encourage you to come with questions/follow-up questions about Cornell.</p>

<p>I think that you should only get an interview if you are somewhat of a people person. I'm not saying that if you are shy, you should not get one. An interview is great for leaving a good impression! If you are well spoken and enthusiastic, I say go for it! It never hurts to leave a great impression. Good luck and tell me how it goes! :)</p>