Optional Personal Statement

<p>I plan to apply to Missouri S&T. On their website, it says a 200 word (or less) personal statement is optional when applying. How much would it hurt me if I didn't send one in? </p>

<p>I'm good at writing, but honestly have no good ideas for an interesting, meaningful personal statement. I feel that a cliche or boring essay would hurt me as well. </p>

<p>Missouri S&T admits around 90% of applicants, and my stats put me above the average candidate. On their website it says students with an index above 120 are generally admissible. They calculate it using ACT Composite percentile and class rank percentile. I have an ACT of 30 (95th percentile) and class rank of 19/164 (88th percentile) so I am well above the 120 mark - and it should go up after I take the ACT a second time. </p>

<p>So even though I am a good candidate stats-wise and MS&T isn't very selective, I'm still worried about the personal statement. Which will hurt more, not doing one at all or sending in a bad one?</p>