Optional Recommendation Questions

<p>Hi everyone! :D I'm currently a senior mulling over my application and would really appreciate any responses to the following questions. All the best. Thanks!
- Jin</p>

<li><p>How long are optional recommendations usually? In the ballpark of 1/2 page, 1 page, or 2 or 3 pages? Quality > quantity, I know, but would a long, thorough rec be frowned upon?</p></li>
<li><p>I know that the most basic prerequisite is that the one making the rec knows the candidate, but does the identity of the one making the rec himself make even a slight difference? Consider this situation: I have spent two months working alongside my country's Prime Minister, and in that time he has gotten to know me well enough to write a glowing rec with ample references and anecdotes. Naturally though, someone like my Quiz Bowl coach would know me better to write an even more thorough rec, but only slightly more so.</p></li>

<p>Would the idea of having a man of the Prime Minister's stature writing the rec add heavily to the impact of the rec, or at least enough to be better than my Quiz Bowl coach's rec? The key is that they both know me well, and my coach only somewhat better.</p>

<p>Much appreciated guys!</p>