Optional Standardized Test Cycle

Will the SAT/ACT be used in test optional schools for admissions during the upcoming cycle? The only reason I came across taking it would be to try and get a high score so that it could be a substitute for my GPA which is a little lower than average at the schools I want to apply to. I came across some websites but from what I’ve absorbed from them is that the SAT/ACT will only be used for certain scholarship qualifications? I don’t need any type of scholarships so what do you recommend I do?

Test optional is different than test blind. If you are scoring well on practice tests, go ahead and have another data point to submit.

That said a high score won’t make up for a low GPA. Be sure you are picking true safety and match schools, as well as a couple of reaches.

By definition, test optional schools give you the option of submitting a standardized test score. If one is submitted, the admissions officer/committee will include in the assessment of a candidate.

If you have a test score above the average of admitted students for a school, you should submit it as part of your application. While it will add a positive item to your application, I wouldn’t think of it as any kind of “substitute” for GPA. GPA will still be the most important item at pretty much any school.