options for a bocconi grad

<p>my boyfriend is graduating from bocconi this spring with an undergrad degree in economics. he is one of the very top students and did a study abroad program at wharton last semester ...thats how we met :)</p>

<p>he wants to go to grad school somewhere other than bocconi, but says that he has no idea what his options are. he wants to apply to oxford, lse, and somewhere in paris. he seems to think that there is no way he would be accepted to a good school in the US. is this true?</p>

<p>he is pretty sure he wants to get his masters in economics...</p>

<p>considering he is a top bocconi graduate (if that means anything..i dont really know how well respected bocconi is) does he have good chances at top grad schools?</p>

<p>he is really stressed out about everything, and would love to come to america to be with me, but i have no idea how to help him. he is planning on taking the GMAT at the end of january..is that the right test he should take? what kind of scores does he need?</p>

<p>any advice would be appreciated!</p>

<p>I say go for it! Bocconi is ranked amongst the top 20 Business schools in the World by The Wall Street Journal so I dont think he should stymie his options by any means! </p>

<p>Both Oxford and LSE are ranked 8 & 11 globally so he is most certainly not compromising on his academic goals should he decide to go to either. UPenn is ranked 12th. </p>

<p>As for the GMAT- I am not sure, but my inclination is that it varies from department to department. I would think that since most Econ programs falls under Arts and Sciences departments- that the GRE would be a better option but it would be best if someone else with more knowledge of the process answered that question.</p>

<p>he got a 660 on his gmat (88th percentile on the quantitative)...does that screw his chances?</p>

<p>he wants LSE one year program for economics and finance. he says the fact that hes from bocconi will help a lot..i hope so!</p>

<p>can a good essay make up for the 660 at LSE?</p>