Orchestra at CWRU?

Anyone (student or parent) have any info on the orchestra programs at Case? My son is a serious violin player and looking for feedback on any string ensembles, conductors etc. I know there is the Cleveland Symphony nearby but he’s not going to be playing with them of course.

Case has many opportunities for non music majors. (assuming your son is a non music major)

There are many available ensembles:

If he is a music major, I would look at the info here:

Also try searching/asking in the Music Major section


My daughter is a junior majoring in music as CWRU. She loves their music program. They have the resources of a conservatory with their wonderful relationship with the Cleveland Institute of Music (CIM) being located directly adjacent to the CWRU campus, while still have all the other cool programs a top tier university can offer. Sting lessons are taught by the faculty at CIM. There is a wonderful orchestra, as well as symphonic band, jazz band, and many many, many ensemble groups of all types. Most of the students who participate in the larger ensembles are not music majors, but they are excellent players. BTW, students can see the Cleveland Symphony for free (music majors) or nearly free ($5/$10 for other majors). Cleveland is a wonderful arts and music city. Many places to see high quality music of all types. My daughter speaks highly of all the faculty she has encountered; in her eyes they are all very student focused.

@TytoAlba My son auditioned on horn , and I suggest your son do the violin audition on campus.
. The reason to fly to CWRU during 12th grade, and audition is
that it may open up really good scholarships, and also let him see the level of violin instruction available. If your son is good, he can cross register at CIM for violin, but he will need to audition for those options.

Here is the audition requirements for Case, while it may not be required, I suggest he follow through
for the most information about violin teachers and ensembles. They have parent programs while
the student auditions, so you can tag along.

Your son can take all his violin lessons and theory classes at CIM, a world class conservatory,
if he gets into this joint music program -

some CWRU music students will start with a Case teacher, than progress to the CIM teacher,
but some students may start over at CIM , if your son has enough skill and wants that level of
instruction. Its very very intense at CIM. Violinists will be practicing ten hours a day! Its cool to
see what that means for playing ability.

My son played with the CIM/Case Wind Ensemble and it was a good experience to see the intensity
of musicians for him! . He
switched to economics and later physics as a major
but he had a lot of fun with ensembles in freshman year.

Music is a very serious pursuit at CWRU. There are plenty of double majors too.
But the strings at Case are separate from the CIM string ensembles , so its not quite as intense as the joint wind ensembles
which may or may not still be available , I have not checked lately.

I think if he gets into the joint CIM/CWRU programs he may get to play with CIM.

Thanks everyone for the feedback. My son is not intending to major in music at Case, but in his college search he wants to keep playing in orchestras where the kids are really serious about playing. One of the things that he liked in our Case info session locally is that the admissions rep mentioned that there are many opportunities for non music majors to play.

@Coloradomama he’s preparing for the Arts Achievement scholarship for non majors.

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@TytoAlba I think your son will enjoy the strings opportunities at Case! Good luck on the scholarships. The music/arts scholarship is significantly harder to win than a Presidential, Michelson Morley or other academic based scholarship at Case, is my perception from 2013-2016 timeframe. (I had two kids win academic awards three years apart, one kid tried for horn scholarship on top of that, and did not win ) Your son does not have to submit anything extra for the academic Presidential or Michelson Morley award consideration. There are some essay based awards at Case too, very hard to win those, is my understanding.

If your son applied by Nov 1st, he will hear back by Dec 21st, and the academic merit scholarship portion will be awarded. The music awards come later, is my understanding, as they require on campus auditions.

The number of academic scholarships is far greater than the number of music scholarships, is my understanding, but that can change over time so ask when you visit to get an idea of how hard they are to win. CIM does offer its own scholarships and I have heard they are generous.

My DS has applied for the non major scholarships for music. Anyone else? Just curious.

@TytoAlba Was your son able to win a non music major scholarship for Case? about how much money did that give him? Was he able to combine that with an academic scholarships? Thanks.