Order of AP's

<p>Say one guy takes 5 AP's junior year and the other takes 5 AP's senior year. They are the same courses, same grade. Does one have an advantage? If so, a big one? And for added fun, lets make two scenarios. One in which the senior year guy had a choice, one in which he didn't.</p>

<p>How about you change it to 2/4 or 4/2, so that way we cant use the argument of the guy appearing to slack off junior or senior year? They'd both have a disadvantage with all APs at once, as it would either be too unpredictable with the senior or make the junior look bad (unless by not being able to take APs senior year they have a disadvantaged school or take several classes beyond AP level the following year).</p>

<p>Oh, don't worry. I have AP courses junior year too. It's just that I didn't take as many. This wasn't because I was lazy. I didn't get to take a couple I wanted because of schedule conflicts that they were KIND enough to tell me the day that school began. There was also one I wanted to take junior year, but the school I moved to didn't offer it. A Bunch of bad coincidences, but I don't want to sound like a whiner on my app. It's not as though my schedule was weak, but definately not as rigerous as I liked. I'm just concerned that it might look bad if most are senior year.</p>

<p>I thought that colleges just used AP scores for placement and credit.</p>