Order of Schools on FAFSA?

Hi all,

I am wondering if some of the experts here can help me understand what this means. “Grant aid awards will be made for the first eligible college listed on the FAFSA form.” Does this mean I should put my first choice school or my first choice state school first? TIA!

Need context. From what are you quoting?

@BelknapPoint Oops sorry about that! I was quoting the Order of Schools on Your List from student aid.gov. That was what was said under my state in terms of ordering the schools.


Massachusetts and Pennsylvania say that “Grant aid awards will be made for the first eligible college listed on the FAFSA form; however, if you update your school choice later, please notify your state agency … [link to state aid web site]”.

You may want to go to the state aid web site for more information, or ask directly.

@ucbalumnus Thank you! Do you mean ask the state financial aid or the colleges themselves? And does it matter if I most likely don’t qualify for any government or state aid?

It varies by state, so you do need to find out what your state says (look on its website). In Michigan, the award is scheduled to go to the first school listed, but students can contact the State to change the school later. Just put your best guess first, but remember which one it was in case you don’t attend that school.

@kelsmom Thank you! I will look at the state website and try to call if I can’t find it. In your experience though, are these state funds mostly for people with a low EFC? I am sending the FAFSA more to qualify for merit than any expectation of need based aid, at least at the state schools.

It depends on the state, and sometimes on the year. Google “your state” scholarship office to check on your state’s offerings & requirements.

@kelsmom Okay thank you!