Oregon State Honors College

Anyone have insight as to why we haven’t heard whether we got in to the Honors College or not? Applied EA, admitted to OSU Dec 11. Awarded Finley Academic Scholarship.

I would call the admissions office. Our daughter applied EA and was accepted into the Honors College when she received her admissions letter (which was several weeks ago). Perhaps you are wait listed?

My daughter was accepted to OSU with the Provost academic scholarship. It’s in the portal, right under “Admission and Enrollment Status”
You should see : Honors College Status:

Hers still just says “applied.” We received a response to our email to Admissions saying it’s going to take them a few more weeks to process all the Honors College apps. I guess we just wait?

Just follow up, she was accepted to the Honors College. Now I hope she receives a scholarship to help out with the cost.