Oregon State University: Corvallis OR vs Boulder CO

Hi there, I am just starting my college search as I am going into my senior year and I have a few questions about Oregon State. I was actually able to see campus a few weeks ago but I couldn’t get an official tour because of COVID. I absolutely loved the vibe of the campus and I could totally see myself there. It reminded me a lot of CU Boulder which is kind of what I’m comparing it to since I live near Boulder and have had a lot of experience with that town and campus. I love CU but I really don’t want to be so close to home, I want a new experience. I also want to major in either biochemistry or bioengineering and from what I can gather OSU seems like a good place for that. I also run cross country and track and I want to continue doing so on the club level at a big school.
With all of that being said I have a few questions:
How does the town of Corvallis compare to Boulder?
Is there kind of a “hick” vibe to Corvallis?
Is there a lot of school spirit?
Thank you!

Boulder is a very wealthy & sophisticated town / city.

It has been quite a long time since I was in Corvallis, but I recall a country feel with lots of agriculture.

Oregon State dominates Corvallis, while Boulder is not dominated by CU due to the high tech industry & proximity to Denver & Denver suburbs.

My impression is that Oregon State is a great place to study forestry & agriculture among other majors. But forestry & agriculture also represent the feel of the campus environment in my view.

P.S. Have you visited the University of Oregon in Eugene ?