Oregon State University vs. University of Oregon

<p>I am having a hard time choosing between Oregon State and U of O. I have yet to visit them and really feel what it's like to be on campus, but I really want to get more information about both schools. I know that Corvallis is a smaller town than Eugene, and that Eugene has more to offer as a college town. I mostly care about academics. I know both schools have great academics, but which one is more suitable for a Biology major and maybe pre-med??</p>

<p>I know that OSU is well known for Science and Engineering...but U of O could be just as great. The weather doesn't bother me (It's probably the same because they're not so far away from each other). I also care about the vibe...so if i would like to know more about that.</p>

<p>Don’t know all that much about the schools but when I was looking into going to OSU I heard that it had a small college town feel; and that it was much more “rural” than U of O. Eugene I heard is much more of a big city feel much better if your going into business. Like you’ve said OSU is definitely the go-to-school for STEM majors. I personally would go to OSU. Yeah… that’s all I know xD.</p>