Oregon vs. ASU

<p>Which school offers the best college experience? Social Life?</p>

<p>Does ASU have actual students or is it all commuters who live with their parents? Are there a lot of students 25+ yrs older?</p>

<p>Extremely strong social scene, with the amount of students it has, you can find people who fit in any category. It is by no means just a commuter school and Tempe is a great college town.</p>

<p>If social experience is what you're looking for from a college, ASU is a good choice.</p>

<p>oregon is better at football currently.... of course that is in part due to some very blind zebras</p>

<p>Does Oregon's party atmosphere even compare to ASU's.....bc I would prefer Oregon's climate over Asu's.</p>

bc I would prefer Oregon's climate over Asu's.


<p>I hope that was a sarcasm, cuz no sane person would EVER say that with right mind...</p>

<p>Perfect weather is 70's and sunny (southern california weather), but arizona gets way too hot. I'd take 50-60's and rain over 100+ degrees in a desert.</p>

<p>Actually i live in SoCal (Valencia), and it EASILY reaches 100 degrees during summer, and still reaches 90 during the day. It just did today.</p>

<p>regarding rain... ugh, having lived in Oregon/Washington for 9 years, i just can't stop thinking about the nightmare memories there. 20, 30 degrees during winter, ground frozen with rain rain rain. One slip, your entire jean is covered with thick mud, and just when you get the relief when winter's over, the rain never ceases except three monthes (June, July, August).</p>

<p>A lil rain's good. Even 3 monthes to 5 monthes of rain a year i consider good. But 9 entire monthes with non-stop rain... is just too much for me too handle.</p>

<p>By socal i meant the coast and i know it can get in the 80's, but it is usually 70's..</p>

<p>I like rain, but maybe bc it never rains here. I don't know if i would like it all the time, but i would take rain over 100+ desert weather anyday.</p>

<p>ok i understand.
my ex at high school was from California, and when it was snowing, she told me it was her first time ever seeing real snow falling from the sky. couldn't really believe it, but having lived in California for two years, i think i can believe her now hahaha</p>

<p>well, maybe you need some wettening. sure. first few monthes you maybe the happiest person in the world. But i guarantee that within 6 monthes, you'll be dying to get out the Pacific Northwest as soon as possible.</p>