oreintation register

<p>on my tritonlink website, it says that i have a hold and it's because of the orientation register. I'm a warren student and on the process to sign up for the session it asks you various questions like AP scores, transfer information etc. do i have to go through all these and finally sign up for orientation to get rid of that 'hold' on my application?</p>

<p>Yes you do. Just sign up for orientation.</p>

<p>are parents supposed to come to orientation with us?</p>

<p>NO! They can however go to the parent orientation, which is separate.</p>

<p>is orientation required?</p>

<p>I live north of Sacramento, CA and I'm wondering of I have to go down there twice? Would the condensed one day session be a good option? How does the early lodging option work? Also, do they have patent orientations in different languages?</p>

<p>@ggeeoo: I'm just going to say YES just because it's a good way to meet your fellow peers and to get accustomed to the school and the campus in general. And if you are a Warren or Sixth student (because orientation is 3 days before school starts), you get to move-in early! </p>

<p>@chemistrylover: Um, which college are you in? If you are not in Warren or Sixth, you would have to come to UCSD once for orientation and another time when you actually move in. Not sure what the one day session is. Early Lodging is like..you pay 50 bucks a night to live in a dorm room before orientation starts. I think parent orientation is only held in English.</p>

<p>clarkfobes, I'm not sure that info is correct. Marshall students have the choice to register for one of four sessions, two of those sessions are in September (16th and 17th) and early lodging is offered for a fee! =]
I'm doing session 3!</p>

<p>Orientation is required. If you don't want to go twice, most colleges let you do the September one(s).</p>