Organic Chem 210 Textbook

<p>In the syllabus, it's stated that we should buy a 5th edition of Organic Chemistry, but the 4th editions are a lot cheaper. Anybody here who's taken the course know if there's a real difference between the two?</p>

<p>I can tell you that the Orgo book was useless. The course didn't follow the book.</p>

<p>Ah. How hard was the course? And what teacher did you get?</p>

<p>do not purchase the book; you'll never use it.</p>

<p>tmazer, org chem is often regarded as one of the hardest freshmen/sophomore courses and that case is further augmented in terms of umich. Can anyone confirm/deny this?</p>

Orgo 1 is fine/manageable, Orgo 2 is really hard though. </p>

<p>Both classes are curved to a B- (2.7)</p>


Both classes are curved to a B- (2.7)


<p>blackpen, what exactly do you mean by that?</p>

<p>Take all the grades. The average at the end of the semester is a B- which equates to a 2.7 GPA.</p>

<p>thanks for clarifying :D</p>