Organic Chemistry at Penn

<p>Does anyone know what percentage of students get a certain grade for organic chemistry? I am thinking about taking this class freshman fall as a part of vagelos mls.</p>

<p>I was wondering the same thing.</p>

<p>Took Orgo I with Bode and Orgo II with Jouliee (that is probably spelled wrong....) freshman year.</p>

<p>I think generally, As were top 25-30% of the class, A-'s included. Not positive about Orgo II since Jouliee was especially vague about her final grade distribution.</p>

<p>What is vagelos mls?</p>

<p>Vagelos</a> Scholars Program in Molecular Life Sciences</p>

<p>Invitation only academic program. Everyone is either a Biochem or Chem major. Must at least either double major in sciences or submatriculate and get a Masters (Chem masters is the easiest) during undergraduate years. </p>

<p>Strong emphasis towards have to stay your Sophomore and Junior summers to work full time at your lab. </p>

<p>Other than that.....the director, Ponzy, is amazing.....and we get alot of special academic perks.</p>

<p>Sounds like a great program.
I am sure you will learn a lot.
I greatly enjoyed my time doing research at Penn.</p>