Organic Chemistry in Summer

<p>I am thinking to take Organic Chemistry lectures and labs in summer so that I will have more time to take other classes later. On one hand, summer class is intensive, with three 2-hour classes and two 4-hour labs each week, on the other hand, one does not have any other classes to worry about. Can anybody give me your advise? Is it better to take Organic Chemistry and Lab in summer or during regular quarters? Is it a bad idea to take such hard classes in summer? Thanks.</p>

<p>What year are you?</p>

<p>Freshman now.</p>

<p>Before I say anything, just know I've never taken Ochem nor will I take Ochem. Being a freshman now, you've already finished your transition into college so taking a hard course is only natural. On top of that, you will be taking Ochem as a sophomore anyway. I honestly don't see anything hard about doing the intensive course. I've heard stories of people enjoying Ochem and acing it. Taking hard classes in the summer is probably the most fun thing to do. What else are you going to do at home? Sit around and drink some pepsi and play video games? I'd go for the ochem program. It sounds fun =].</p>

<p>Why are you going to take Ochem before Gchem? I suggest you get General Chem out of the way first. Actually first take the Chem placement test. But yes, I've heard Ochem is easier in the summer.</p>