Organic chemistry, Microbiology, Physics II at the same semester

<p>Ok, so this coming semester I registered with orgI, micro, and physicsII plus two other minor classes. I am aiming for A's because I am a pre pharmacy student. Do you guys think that I am being realistic with this plan? Is this such a bad idea? Any thoughts on this?
And if it helps, I am in a community college. Thanks in advance!</p>

<p>Sounds like no life, Have you always been a straight A student, especially with mathematics and science, if so then I couldn't see a problem.</p>

<p>I might of raised an eye brown if there was a mathematics class in there, its still a hard workload though. I think the real question is do you need those classes to finish on the time you want to finish. If there's no rush then why make it hard? But if there is and you can then sure.</p>

<p>seems pointless to do in one semester if you still have time left before you graduate. i would say choose 2 and save the other for later</p>

<p>that semester sounds like suicide haha</p>

<p>what there are 2 of these threads?
i did organic chem, physics ii, calc 3 same semester
depending on what you consider "minor" classes, it is extremely manageable or slightly sweat-breaking</p>

<p>Physics with lab is a lot of work. and so it organic chem II</p>