Organic Chemistry with Iverson

<p>I'm currently at the very end of the waitlist. Does anyone know if I have any chance of getting into the class?</p>

<p>I'm currently registered for OChem with Bocknack and it's taking up a time slot that I need for another class. I'm afraid that if I drop Bocknack and not get into Iverson's class, I'll end up with an undesirable professor.</p>

<p>I kind of doubt it. Iverson has a great demand (but I got in cause I did OChem for Engr majors :P )</p>

<p>Don't know if you got into Iverson's yet, but just letting you know Bocknack isn't returning to UT next semester so if you get into his class he will not be the professor....</p>

<p>Bummer, I heard good things about Bocknack and was hoping to get into his class next year - do yo know where he's going?</p>

<p>I have no idea, I was in his class last semester and he just said he got a better job somewhere else.</p>

<p>never mind. wrong topic.</p>

<p>Probably budget cuts... stupid budget!</p>

<p>Bocknack really won't be back? Are you sure? Awww, well I gotta hope Iverson will have open spots lol. xD</p>

<p>Maybe he's leaving next school year. At this point, I think they would have already cancelled his class. It would really mess people's schedule up to cancel his class so late.</p>

<p>They wouldn't cancel Bocknack's classes, they would have someone else teach them instead. That happens all the time when a teacher leaves or gets shuffled into another class.</p>

<p>John Colapret is teaching Bocknack's 12 - 1 MWF class. The other slots haven't been filled yet.</p>

<p>Ugh that's the class I'm registered for. I was really expecting to get Bocknack. Is it possible that Iverson will be teaching Bocknack's 9-10 AM class?</p>

<p>There's no chance Iverson will pick up any of Bocknack's classes. Iverson teaches one class per semester, and he's already on the schedule for that class. Colapret is very approachable and gets decent reviews, so I wouldn't write him off too quickly.</p>

<p>Bocknack's classes do not have a professor anymore - check the Fall catalog. Is UT hiring someone different?</p>

<p>Man this really sucks. All I can do is hope that Iverson will magically be open for 310M or 318M Monday. xD</p>

<p>@Xcellerator- Are you in BME or ChemE?</p>

<p>BME but I can supposedly take either. Pretty sure my BME advisor will lift some bars. (:</p>