organic chemistry

<p>I'm going to take organic chemistry in the fall, so are there any books I should read to prepare for this course?</p>

<p>Read the following:
Organic Chemistry 1 Translating the Basic Concepts | 2nd Edition by David R. Klein.
This book (and Organic Chemistry II Second Semester Topics | 2nd edition for the 2nd semester) was a huge help to me. Of course these books should not substitute your textbook, but they put things into simpler terms and enlighten the reader on hard to grasp concepts.
I got a B in orgo 1 and an A- in orgo 2.</p>

<p>Why would you start preparing for Orgo before you take the class? Relax, enjoy your summer do something that is actually productive such as medically related ECs. Don't waste your summer studying organic chemistry.</p>