Organic Chemistry

<p>Son has a dilemma. He is a freshman majoring in Phamacy. He got a 4 on the Chemistry ap exam in high school, so he can waive out of Chem 1 and Chem 2. He had decided to waive out of chem 1 this semester, but take Chem 2 in the spring. But Northeastern messed up his roster and dropped him out of the chem 2 class, by mistake and now there are no openings, only in a 4:35 class and that messes up his whole day. So my question is do you think he would do okay in organic chemistry if he just decides to waive out of chem 2 next semester. I had heard that organic chemistry is nothing like regular chem. Any advice from current students?</p>

<p>Also a second question. Once he registers on Monday, is it possible that students could drop out of the good times for the other chem classes? Can we go on everyday to check the classes and see if there are any openings. D is at Penn State and there are always openings in closed classes if you keep checking. Thanks!</p>

<p>I think he'd do fine going straight into organic chemistry. If he really feels he needs more basic chemistry for later classes, he could still take it after organic chem 1. The plan to keep checking closed classes is a good one. I've even heard students being told to ATTEND closed classes for the first few sessions so they won't be behind if someone drops out (local college here, though, not Northeastern).</p>

<p>OP - You'd get a better response rate over in the Parents Forum. Be that as it may, Chem 1/2 and Organic share very little material and the two subjects also require different learning approaches. So I wouldn't be concerned about Organic being his first chemistry course at NU.</p>

<p>If Warner is teaching it then I'd recommend waiting.</p>

<p>^ditto. Byun and Warner are both bad news. If they're the only options, it'd be worth waiting until next fall to take orgo 1. </p>

<p>He may be able to talk to the department if he wants to take gen chem 2... they usually let people in even if a class is at max enrollment.</p>

<p>If he really wants to go into Gen Chem, talk to the chemistry department. The advisor is very friendly and usually is willing to accomidate students. However, if there is a 4:35 class open, then he might just have to take that. A lot of science classes here have to be at weird times because other times conflict with classes that are required by science majors. Having a bad schedule for a semester is worth it if he doesn't feel like he would be prepared for organic.</p>

<p>I'd hold off on orgo as Emily said. Forsyth is teaching a class on T, Th, F and is a great professor. And taking a 4:35 class is actually not that bad. I would, like neuchimie said, rather have a bad schedule for a semester than get destroyed by Warner. Seriously, avoid Warner.</p>

<p>Thanks for your input. I think this is what he is going to do. Skip the chem 2 next semester (waive out of it), and take two electives. Then take organ chem in the fall of his spoph year. Hopefully he'll get the good teacher!</p>