Organic Chemistry

<p>Will Organic Chemistry rely heavily on Chemistry 1 and 2 in college? I did so-so in Chem 1 and 2 in college, didn't really bother studying much. However, now that I'm transferring, I will need to take O-Chem. I'm wondering if I should study O-chem now for the summer or re-pick up my general chem book and study Chem 1 and 2 to refresh myself for Fall Terms.</p>

<p>Orgo is very very different from Gen (Inorganic) Chem. Other than the very basic things you learned in Gen Chem, you don't need any knowledge.</p>

<p>What are these basics?</p>

<p>Like... Remember lewis structures? Those. Just how atoms bond. Really basic stuff that you know or else you would not have passed.</p>

<p>Remember stuff like molecular orbital theory, molecular structures, basic atomic structure, etc</p>

<p>No need to study over the summer - if you realize you've forgotten stuff in the fall, you can go back and refresh your memory on older stuff. your orgo textbook should include the basics in chp 1 and your professor may briefly review this stuff on the first day</p>

<p>Cool thanks.</p>

<p>mostly, it's memorization of reactions such as synthesis, elimination, replacement and rearrangement. other stuff include nomenclature, cyclohydrocarbon (a bunch of carbons forming a circle) behavior, NMR/mass spectrometry/IR spectrometry etc. Very simple and straightforward if you take the time to do the memorization.</p>