Organization and Dorm Floor Trouble

Hey everyone. I feel like I need to vent this out online since I have no one I can talk to as of now. Currently, I’m part of the “Board of Directors” at my specific dorm. The problem I want to post may be a little complex, but I want to see what you guys think of it, and what I can do about it. All of us in the BOD are currently planning a Valentine’s Day themed event. I volunteered to get the fully made flyers from another member’s dorm in the building right next to mine. I went over there and knocked on his door, but it just so happened that he wasn’t there. I also knocked on the CM’s (Community Mentor’s) door to get the necessary tape as well. Before I got to their rooms, I let both of them know I would be coming to their rooms through DMs. However, both of them never replied to confirm they were there. I tried knocking again, and even asked the guys hanging in the lounge where they were. I knew them from other events, but this was where things really started to get bad. Over the time I was in the Board of Directors, I would often come up to that specific floor where the two rooms were because it was where half of the BOD lived. I would go there because I wanted to hang out with them, find a shortcut back to my own dorm, or just simply post flyers for past events. Unfortunately, they have recently treated me as if I was completely unwelcome on their floor. They claim their CM made some kind of rule that doesn’t allow anyone not on their floor to come up to theirs unless I let the CM know, which I absolutely did. The problem is that I don’t know if this hostility is only directed at me. I think this because it feels like the people on that floor see me as a nuclear threat, even though I don’t mean any harm. I doubt they would act the same way against other people in the BOD who don’t live on their floor. What can I do? I need to post those flyers as soon as possible, but my fellow members and the CM on that specific floor aren’t properly communicating with me. On top of that, the other floor people who aren’t part of the BOD, have wanted to do nothing but kick me out even though I explain to them exactly why I’m there because they know some of the BOD members. I need some help to deal with this situation here. On top of that, I want it to where everyone on the two dorm buildings is welcome on each and every floor. It just isn’t fair to be kicked out when all you need is something from a “friend.” What can I do here? Leave your thoughts below, but please be polite and sincere.

My daughter’s dorm last year (different university) was keycard accessed by floor. You could not go to another floor without being escorted by someone who lived there. So, that doesn’t sound unusual to me at all.

I also think that waiting for a response to a message before just showing up is polite.

Do you have an advisor your board reports to that you can speak with? I’d start there. I’d also give folks the benefit of the doubt that it isn’t personal.

Good luck!