organized gap year abroad

<p>My brother is a host family for youth for understanding and I was looking into it for my younger son and saw they have an organized gap year program, if anyone is interested in a structured full year program.</p>

<p><a href=""&gt;;/a> 13th Year Abroad Program
How about learning Russian in Ukraine, Latin American studies in Chile, practicing Yoga in India, or choose from one of 12 traditional high school YFU programs.Go Global With YFU's 13th Year Abroad Program
Recent high school graduates are invited to spend a 13th Year Abroad with YFU USA. Bridge the gap to your future, discover the real you, and experience the world. Whether you've just graduated, deferred college admissions, or are deciding what's next, you can gain from an increased understanding of another culture, benefit from the unique strengths of academic institutions abroad, and become part of a global family.
Study abroad is a unique experience that is both challenging and extremely rewarding. Unlike most college and university options, a key component of YFU programs is the homestay experience. Living with a family in another culture opens your world and your life.</p>

<p>Spend your "gap year" and Go Global! with YFU's 13th Year Abroad program. Many colleges and universities encourage applications from YFU alumni.</p>

<p>"I went on exchange between High School and University. An in between year, to discover sides of yourself that you've been ignoring and to learn to accept a new culture and respect its 'other' ways of doing things, provides an excellent foundation for further exploration within the academic framework. And there's no better way to get to know another culture than living with a host family."</p>

<p>Anyone out in the CC crowd have any direct experience with this program? How did it work out?</p>

<p>YFU in general has an excellent reputation for study abroad and solid history of doing this -- we checked them out last year when my son was looking for study abroad programs. he ended up going a different route -- but what I learned about YFU was good.</p>

<p>Check Projects Abroad, they have been sending volunteers abroad since 1992 and their reputation is very good all over Europe and America. They have a "Volunteer stories" section on their website which i found very informative, they also have many photo galleries and videos. </p>

<p>Projects</a> Abroad</p>

<p>My daughter is in Senegal with Projects Abroad now. So far we've been mostly very happy with the organization. If you'd like any details, let me know.</p>