orgo study book?

<p>i'm taking orgo at a school close to home over the summer but the bookstore is closed until classes start. i want to start reading ahead to get an idea of what we're going to be learning and start studying, etc, so do you have any suggestions on books to supplement the textbook or an orgo-for-dummies type book?</p>

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<p>i thought the orgo textbook by bruice was pretty clear. i also bought study books but found that i didn't have to use them at all b/c the textbook was so good!</p>

<p>yes, I liked that Bruice textbook quite a bit as well. I think it was the best textbook I've encountered so far in terms of actually helping me understand the material from lectures.</p>

<p>it would be a pretty expensive book to buy just to review, considering that this other school will probably use a different text.</p>

<p>get an old edition. What we used was 5th edition but recently 6th edition was released. so our 5th edition is like 20-30$ now..</p>