Orgo vs. Honors Orgo?

<p>Hi, I'm a rising sophomore, going pre-med, and I am trying to choose between Orgo 3570 and honors Orgo 3590. I've heard that the honors course has less people, a better professor, and generally goes more into the application of organic chemistry rather than the memorization of concepts that the regular course entails. However, it is an honors course and filled with chemistry majors. Which one seems like the better option?</p>

<p>Well this is tough to go off of, because the Professors for 3570 and 3590 have changed since this past year. The 3570 professor for Fall 2008 and Fall 2009 was AWFUL- Jon Njardarson. I had him and his lectures were incomprehensible. I relied solely on the textbook and even after studying everything he said to emphasize, he did not stick to that on his exams. HOWEVER, he's at the University of Arizona now...he's gone, and Bruce Ganem, the professor that taught 3590 last year, is teaching 3570. Everyone I know that took Ganem's class last year loved it, and more importantly, thought he was a phenomenal professor.</p>

<p>If class size is the determining factor, then yes 3590 will be the better option solely for size. But I think the professor is what makes all the difference. The professor we had in the Spring for 3580, Dotsevi Sogah, was also excellent. And while 3580 is notoriously the more difficult, complicated semester of orgo, because Sogah was such a great professor, I did an entire letter grade better in the Spring than in the Fall, so I'm convinced it is the professor teaching the course and making the exams that makes all the difference.</p>

<p>Based on that, I'd say 3570.</p>