Orientation Dates

<p>So, I signed up for orientation for July 7-9, and I'm worried that it might be too late to get the good classes and times. Does anyone have any experience with this? All of the earlier dates were alady gone. :(</p>

<p>Haha, I won't be able to go until August. There won't be any good classes left by that time. </p>

<p>I sent an email to the school asking if I could talk to my adviser over the phone and get my schedule set up (I've already picked what classes I want to take and the times when I want to take them). I just sent the email yesterday so once they respond, I'll let you know.</p>

<p>Uh-oh how do you sign up for the orientation? I saw online that, they will send an email after paying the deposit, but I didn't get anything yet :S</p>

<p>go to wolverine access and then sign in and go to the orientation link</p>

<p>I actually went to my orientation last year on the exact same date (july 7-9) and didn't have a problem getting the classes or times I wanted. It's very puzzle like, you gotta find a whole bunch of classes you're interested and then try to find times that don't intersect, I'm sure you'll end up with some good classes in the end!</p>

<p>i'm scheduled for july 12 and in the college of engineering. will that make it hard to take chem130, engr 101, math 116 (or 215) and (physics 140/141) or bio 172 something schedule like that</p>

<p>i'm going to the 2nd orientation (engineering), i'm just confused on how AP credits will work. like say i end up getting a satisfactory grade to pass out of calc 1, i won't know that until july. hm?</p>

<p>mt522. you have two orientations scheduled? how is that possible? im in engineering as well and im curious how u have two</p>

<p>i don't know why i didn't just say the dates, i meant the 2nd one they are offering. 8-10. so i'm not really worried about classes filling up.</p>

<p>Errr am I in trouble if I can't go? I live abroad, and ... well I can't really go there in July and stay there til September...</p>

<p>Well Mj it's been my understanding that they have orientation right before classes start for those who won't be able to attend summer orientation. So you won't really run into much trouble except that you won't have any prior knowledge of navigating through the campus and such but eh I'm sure you can figure that out easily, just make sure you have your classes picked out and that you've taken your placement tests in the meanwhile.</p>