Orientation day

<p>What are the placement exams that we have to take on orientation day? If we already took AP exams, do we still have to take them? Also, when we sign up for classes, if we took ap exams, we just sign up for the next level up right?</p>

<p>They encourage us to take the placement exams regardless of the AP exams (especially the math exam). You take the math exam online at least three days before coming to orientation, and the foreign language (tests up through the fourth semester in high school-You can either try to place out of or get furthwe through the foreign language requirement, or start all over again in a new language in college) and chemistry tests are given on campus.</p>

<p>Yea they encourage you to take it. Actually I think they say you have to take the math 1 regardless of AP exams. You will sign up for classes on the third day of orientation (the last day). That's when you will sit down with an advisor and plan out your year.</p>

<p>Yeah. And when they look at my placement scores, they're going to say to themselves, "What?! We accepted this joke?!"</p>

<p>reeses414--lol!!! better yet, try to make a 0 on the test by answering everything wrong & see what happens.</p>

<p>is the foreign language requirement applicable to lsa as well?</p>

<p>skittles7 - Hey, if I score a 0 in a section (which is a possibility with my previous history in chemistry), at least I'll know that I'll be placed in an easy class! ;) BTW, the foreign language requirement is for LS&A as well (That's the school that I'll be in next year).</p>

<p>hey man, THATS ME not u reeses lol. I have NO IDEA how I got in. But besides your math score on the test, they look at your score on the math seciton on the SAT, ur math section on the ACT, and your GPA/grades in math in H.S....so they choose your math class while looking at everything. I'm gonna be put in remedial math lol cause my math teacher this yr has been lame and i learned nooooooothing lol</p>