Orientation Day

<p>Any tips for orientation day? Thanks in advance... :D</p>

<p>Try to talk to a lot of people. Make an impression.</p>

<p>As far as picking out classes (b/c it isn't called Orientation this year but Registration as that is the new focus): If you scheduled your early, you're in luck. If not, have A LOT of fun. Also pick out your classes BEFORE orientation with a few back-up classes and at least one alternate schedule. I cannot stress this enough!!! It was hard enough when students were given a night to do it (two day orientation). Now, there is only one day to get everything done.</p>

<p>This includes meeting with other counselors (i.e. If you don't know which calculus to start out in. There will be a lady in Altgeld to help you out.) But not only will there be less time but there will also be meetings you have to go to and you should, unlike every other year, go to all of them b/c at one you are assigned a time to meet with your counselor.</p>

<p>They will be understaffed this year with Orientation Student Leaders and have an uneven amount for each college. (Only 1 student is in the college of engineering and 1 for the college of agriculture. It is a bit ridiculous.) </p>

<p>Use it as a time to be social and learn and make the most of it or else it will be boring (but a rushed boring this year). When I learn more about the itinerary I'll let this board know.</p>